Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil Review

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The calming effects of CBD are becoming increasingly popular, and Touchstone Essentials offers an all-natural CBD Calm blend to help ease stress and anxiety. This blend includes a combination of chamomile, lavender, and CBD that helps create a sense of balance and relaxation. With Touchstone Essentials, customers can trust that they are getting the highest quality ingredients in their products. Each batch is tested thoroughly for purity and potency, and the company takes pride in providing top-notch customer service.

The Touchstone Essentials CBD Calm blend is easy to incorporate into your daily wellness routine. Whether you want to wind down after a long day or need extra relaxation throughout the day, this blend can help you feel more centered and balanced.

Overview of Touchstone Essentials

touchstone essentials calm cbd oil

Touchstone Essentials is a leading provider of CBD products. Their products are crafted from high-quality ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals or additives. They offer products such as tinctures, capsules, topicals, and edibles. All of their products come with detailed instructions on dosage and usage.

In addition to the quality of its products, Touchstone Essentials takes great pride in providing customers with a positive experience. They offer detailed information on the benefits that can be gained from using their products.

About the Company

Founded in 2015, Touchstone Essentials is committed to helping people lead healthier, more vibrant lives. They provide a wide range of products made from organic hemp, including tinctures and body care products.

Their mission is to help people feel their best by offering CBD products of the highest quality.

Their CBD Products

Their collection consists of various tinctures to suit a wide range of needs. The company offers hemp-derived CBD in 750mg and 1500mg.

Their products are made with organic, non-GMO hemp-derived CBD, free from harmful contaminants.


Reaping the benefits of using Touchstone Essentials’ CBD products is an attainable reality for anyone seeking holistic wellness. This full-spectrum hemp extract is formulated with the highest quality standards, ensuring that each product is free of toxins, solvents, and other contaminants. Touchstone Essentials takes pride in providing customers with an array of effective products that restore balance to the body, including capsules, tinctures, and topical creams.

The benefits of using Touchstone Essentials’ CBD products are vast. Their CBD oil is known to decrease inflammation and improve mental clarity.


Ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties make up the foundation of this product. The organic ingredients included are Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Peppermint Oil, Magnesium, and Glycerin.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is rich in omega fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammation, improve skin health, and support overall well-being. Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is packed with cannabidiol, which can provide various potential benefits. Organic Peppermint Oil adds a pleasant, natural flavor and analgesic properties.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Continuing our exploration of Touchstone Essentials, the next ingredient we will discuss is Organic Hemp Seed Oil. This oil is cold pressed from hemp seeds, harvested from cannabis sativa plants grown in rich soil. The oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as Gamma Linoleic Acid. It is also abundant in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against oxidative damage.

This oil has many potential health benefits, including relieving inflammation, dryness, and itching. It also helps keep skin youthful and vibrant by supporting collagen production. Hemp seed oil also reduces stress and anxiety by balancing hormones.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Leaving the realm of overviews behind, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Touchstone Essentials. Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is at the heart of the formula, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Extracted from hemp plants grown in the United States, this organic extract is packed with naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBG, that work together to create a symphony of well-being. It is further fortified with organic hemp seed oil, organic peppermint oil, magnesium, and glycerin – all designed to enhance the effects of the hemp extract. These ingredients create a powerhouse formula that helps calm the mind and body.

Organic Peppermint Oil

Tapping into the natural healing potential of the Earth, Touchstone Essentials also uses Organic Peppermint Oil to create a calming and energizing aroma. This oil is steam-distilled from the peppermint plant, a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. The distillation process captures the peppermint oil, a colorless liquid with a sharp, menthol aroma.

The benefits of organic peppermint oil include relief from headaches, nausea, motion sickness, muscle and joint pain, and digestive issues. Additionally, it is known to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat skin infections and irritations.

Top Benefits of Calm CBD Oil

Calm CBD Oil offers powerful benefits, from easing everyday stress to supporting restful sleep and calming joint discomfort. It may also fight temporary inflammation and help settle the stomach.

For those feeling overwhelmed, Calm CBD Oil can provide a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. It helps to reduce stress levels and may even improve sleep quality. This can help those feeling overwhelmed to find relief without turning to potentially harmful substances.

For those experiencing joint discomfort, Calm CBD Oil may provide some relief. It helps to reduce inflammation and ease the associated pain.

Eases Everyday Stress

Beyond its nutritional benefits, Calm CBD Oil proves to be an invaluable resource when it comes to managing everyday stress. Its power lies in its combination of hemp-derived CBD oil and a blend of natural oils, including lavender, tangerine, and chamomile. With regular use, the calming properties of these ingredients help to soothe the body and mind, enabling users to cope with stressful situations with ease. Furthermore, the natural oils provide a pleasant aroma that can help create a calming atmosphere in any setting. When managing stress, users feel overall calmness and relaxation, allowing them to focus on the task more clearly. Additionally, Calm CBD Oil helps to improve mood and can even aid in alleviating feelings of anxiousness.

Supports Restful Sleep

Having discussed the ingredients of Calm CBD oil, it is now time to explore the top benefits of this natural remedy. One of the most notable benefits of this oil is that it Supports Restful Sleep. A restful night’s sleep is essential for the night to recover and restore itself, and Calm CBD oil helps to make this a reality. Its powerful ingredients help relax the mind, allowing one to drift off to sleep without wandering. Furthermore, the oil can help lessen insomnia’s effects, meaning more sleep and less tossing and turning. Not only does it promote restful sleep, but it also helps to improve the overall quality of sleep, providing more therapeutic benefits.

Fights Temporary Inflammation

Calm CBD oil can do everything from its calming effects to its ability to fight inflammation. Fights Temporary Inflammation is a vital benefit of this product, and it can help individuals tackle the physical and emotional pain that comes with the condition. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the swelling and tenderness associated with inflammation. It can also help to reduce redness and itching in the affected area. Not only that, but CBD oil helps to control the immune system, which in turn helps to reduce the number of inflammatory responses in the body. The oil helps to modulate the immune system, allowing it to function at its best. This can help reduce the severity of inflammation and associated pain.

Calms Joint Discomfort

As a natural remedy for soreness and physical discomfort, Calm CBD Oil is a highly effective option for those looking for relief. Its calming properties can help promote relaxation in the body, tackling joint pain and improving quality of life. It works by soothing the muscles and joints, allowing for a more comfortable experience. This calming oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that help to nourish and protect the body. Additionally, it contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and tenderness in the joints. The oil has a light and silky texture, making it easy to apply to the affected area.

It helps Settle the Stomach.

Soaring through the skies, the plane’s turbulence is enough to maplane’sne’s stomach turn. For those experiencing motion sicknesses, Calm CBD Oil may be their saving grace. Rich in anti-inflammatory qualities, this oil may help settle the stomach while decreasing nausea and vomiting. The oil is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract, which helps reduce the frequency and severity of stomach issues. It’s also free of THC, an active iIt’sdient in cannabis, to ensure no psychoactive effects. When taken in moderation, the oil gives a calming, soothing effect that may help relieve stomach distress.

Other Great Benefits of Calm CBD Oil

Calm CBD oil is known to provide numerous benefits due to its rich content of cannabinoids. Of the many benefits, it has been known to promote a healthy heart, fight free radicals, and support exercise recovery. It has also been known to induce increased relaxation. The cannabinoids found in Calm CBD oil have antioxidant properties and can protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. They also help increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, resulting in a healthy heart. It has also been known to reduce inflammation, which can help relieve soreness caused by exercise and support exercise recovery.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Building on the top benefits of Calm CBD Oil, we now turn to its other significant advantages. Promoting a healthy heart is a crucial benefit of taking Calm CBD Oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help regulate cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation. These fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cells, and Calm CBD Oil helps to ensure that these essential fatty acids are present in the body. This helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Regularly using Calm CBD Oil can also help reduce stress levels, which is essential to maintaining a healthy heart.

Rich in Cannabinoids

Having discussed the top benefits of Calm CBD Oil, let us now delve into some other significant advantages of this remarkable product. In particular, Calm CBD Oil is rich in cannabinoids, naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids have been studied for their potential therapeutic benefits and have been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic effects.

Cannabinoids uniquely interact with the body’s endocannabinoid, which regulates various physiological processes, including mood, sleep, appetite, and pain. By interacting with this system, cannabinoids can help restore balance and normalize many of these processes.

Fights Free Radicals

Building on the previous section’s discussion of the top benefits of Calm Csection’st is also worth noting that it is an invaluable asset in the fight against free radicals. Rich in cannabinoids, Calm CBD oil harnesses the power of these compounds to combat the oxidative damage caused by these hazardous molecules. By aiding the body in producing antioxidants, it helps protect cells from the damage that free radicals can cause. As a result, Calm CBD oil is a great asset in maintaining overall health.

The antioxidants found in Calm CBD oil also have the potential to combat inflammation. In this way, it can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases linked to inflammation, such as cardiovascular illness and arthritis.

Supports Exercise Recovery

Not only does Calm CBD Oil provide excellent health benefits, but it also Supports Exercise Recovery. With its rich blend of natural ingredients, this oil helps to reduce inflammation that often comes with high-intensity workouts. A few drops taken before and after exercise can help the body to recover faster by easing aches and pains, improving blood circulation, and reducing swelling. Additionally, the oil contains powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals arising from strenuous exercise.

Calm CBD Oil’s calming effects also help reduce the mental Oil’sue that a long exercise session can bring. This means that users can stay in the best possible shape without worrying about regular exercise’s stressful physical and mental effects.


The perfect blend of the mild yet fruity flavor of Calm CBD Oil and the excellent, minty notes of organic peppermint oil creates an exquisite taste that will tantalize your taste buds. Peppermint oil’s clean and refreshing sensation from the first sip will envelop your senses. The flavor is not overpowering, yet it is bold enough to make a statement and refresh your mouth. It has a slight, sweet undertone will awaken your palate and make it difficult to put the bottle down. The oil’s aroma is equally pleasant, with the perfect balance of peppermint and hemp oil. The scent is mild and not too herbal or overpowering.

The flavor of Calm CBD Oil is truly one of its most excellent qualities. It will quickly become a favorite addition to your morning tea or coffee or can be enjoyed independently. Its unique blend of natural ingredients offers a refreshing experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


The dosage of a medication is a critical factor in its success. The amount taken, frequency of use, effectiveness, and size of the serving can all affect the results. It is essential to consider age-related tolerance to ensure the proper serving size is taken.

The total amount of the drug taken must be adjusted according to the individual’s response and tolerance. This can be done by changing individuals’ use or increasing or decreasing the amount taken.

For efficacy, the correct amount must be taken at the proper intervals.

How Much to Take

Patient’s recommended to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase it over time. This allows the body to become accustomed to the product and can help reduce any associated side effects. It is important to note that dosage will vary depending on the medical condition being treated and the type of product being used.

Frequency of Use

Having experienced the delightful flavor of the product, the next consideration is how often to use it. Determining an ideal frequency of use is crucial to maximizing the product’s efficacy. The guidelines for usage can vary depending on the product’s health, so it is essential to consult a medical professional and read the instructions carefully.

Generally, using the product at least twice a day is recommended. For best results, it is best to take one dose in the morning and one in the evening. This helps to ensure a consistent product level is maintained in the body throughout the day. For those looking for more dramatic results, a third dose can be taken during the day as needed.


The efficacy of the dosage is critical to the effectiveness of the product. Boldly touted as one of the best, this dosage has been thoroughly tested and proven to offer superior results. Many users attest to the power of the dosage, noting its ability to provide relief and improved concentration. Each dose is carefully measured to ensure that the desired effect is achieved. With a consistent regimen, users can trust that the results will be felt with every amount. The potency of the dosage can be adjusted depending on individual needs; this allows users to tailor their experience to best suit their needs.

Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil Side Effects

Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil has been popularly used for its potential health benefits, such as reducing anxiety and improving sleep. However, users should be aware of the possible side effects, such as dizziness, dry mouth, and fatigue. The quality of the product is highly regarded, with numerous reviews from users who have experienced positive results. In addition, customer reviews are a great resource to determine the product’s efficacy.

Possible Dizziness

Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil dosage is necessary when assessing possible side effects. In this regard, it is essential to note that too high a dosage may lead to dizziness. This is because the body can become overwhelmed by the amount of CBD in the oil. When this happens, the body may respond by feeling lightheadedness or dizziness.

Therefore, starting with a lower dosage and increasing it gradually is essential to avoid feeling dizzy. If a person begins to feel dizzy after taking the oil, they should immediately stop and consult a doctor.

Dry Mouth

Despite the soaring popularity of Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil, it is essential to note the potential side effects of using the product. One of this product’s most common side effects is dry mouth. While this may seem a minor issue, it can product’s discomfort for the user.

The dryness often occurs as a result of the cannabinoids’ ability to decrease the production of saliva. Sometimes, the user may find cannabinoids and beverages complex to experience parchedness. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is recommended to help alleviate this issue.


Having discussed the recommended dosage for Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil, it is time to consider its overall quality. Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil is made with only the highest-grade, organically-grown hemp and is manufactured in a certified lab in the United States. The oil is thoroughly tested at each stage of the production process to ensure its purity and potency. It contains no unnatural ingredients, such as artificial colors or flavorings, and is free of GMOs.

Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil is also vegan and gluten-free, making it suitable for people with special dietary requirements. The oil has a pleasant taste and hint of citrus flavor and is easy to take.


Price per Bottle

Regarding price per bottle, Calm Advanced+ CBD Oil starts at $105, but significant discounts are available when you buy in bulk or have a VBO membership.

Value for Money

Regarding value for money, Calm Advanced+ CBD Oil is unparalleled. Its advanced nano-emulsification technology offers superior absorption, requiring less oil to achieve the desired results. This translates into significant cost savings on your part. Plus, the fast-acting nature of the oil means that you don’t have to take large doses of the oil over a long period—saving you even more money. The price per bottle of Calm Advanced+ CBD Oil is incredibly reasonable, making it an excellent don’t for your money.

Is Calm CBD Oil Worth It?

Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil is an excellent product for those looking to experience the calming benefits of CBD. It is made with premium ingredients and has a great flavor that makes it enjoyable. The dosage is easy to adjust, and it is reasonably priced. Overall, it’s a great addition to any health and wellness routine. The product has been tested and proven safe with no known side effects. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to support their overall well-being. Touchstone Essentials Calm CBD Oil is a top-notch production that will bring balance and relaxation.

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