Possible Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Possible Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, as it name implies, is an extract of the Hemp plant. ‘Hemp’ is a common term given to plants of the Cannabis genus of which cannabis sativa, otherwise known as Marijuana, is the most famous member. Although any hemp plant can be used to produce hemp oil,  an industrial strain of hemp is most often used.

This industrial hemp is a special variety that has been cultivated to produce especially oily seeds in great quantities. This variety is very low in the psychoactive substance, THC, that exists in greater quantities in other members of the genus and is responsible for much of the infamy surrounding the Hemp family.

Hemp oils carry extremely low levels of THC or none at all. This is because, THC is produced by the plants flowering glands, stems and a little on the leaves. Although the whole plant can be used in the production of oil, it is only the seeds that are are highly valued and selected for the finest Hemp oil.

Hemp oils can be produced in a number of ways and can be found in a large spectrum of qualities and packagings for a variety of uses from medicinal to culinary. Cold pressed hemp oils that have not been refined feature a rich nutty flavor and deep green tint. Refined hemp oil loses a lot if not all its color and flavor.

Perhaps the most classic presentation for hemp oils is in soaps and skin care products,  you will read further in this article how hemp is a highly beneficial daily skin tonic. Hemp oil is also an amazing flavor enhancer for a number of culinary delights and packs a nutritious boost that can possibly impact the most frightening ailments, even melanoma or the effects of the AIDS virus.

Possible Benefits of Hemp Oils

The Cannabis plant has a long history of treating human ailments, Eastern cultures included the plant and oils derived from this plant in a number of treatments for everything from psychological problems to sprained ankles.

Hemp oils continue the proud tradition and contain high-quality nutrient ‘cocktails’ that can be used as an effective natural remedy and prevention for a wide variety of maladies. The abundant amino acid content, for example, has convinced many medical professionals that with proper application hemp oil can be a possible cure for skin cancer.

Following is a compilation some other possible benefits of Hemp Oil:

-Hemp Oil for the Skin

The reason hemp oils are most commonly used in skin products, such as creams, soaps or even applied directly to the skin, is the high quantity of quality fatty acids they contain. These fatty acids exist in the perfect quantities to moisturize and nourish the skin and deliver visible results in literally minutes after application. Hemp Genix Cosmetics is one of the best We have tested so far adn there is very few we can find selling CBD Oil Cosmetics.

A single message of pure hemp oils applied to the skin produces a healthy glow and a richer feel to dry skin — regular users of hemp oils claim it has anti-aging properties.

Additionally, there is hardly a skin condition that can’t be treated with hemp oils. Psoriasis, eczema, acne and even fungal attacks, that are more common in tropical climates, can all be topicaly treated with hemp oils. Buy hemp oil

-Hemp Oil for the Hair

In addition to the many skin care products that contain hemp oil is a wide variety of hair care products that also take advantage of the many nutrients that can maintain the hair and scalp.

Massaged into the scalp and allowed to work through the hair, these conditioners, shampoos and hair treatments can improve the circulation of blood throughout the scalp improving follicle health and, hence, hair thickness and quality. Hemp oil extract

This is also an effective cure for dandruff or other skin conditions or infections of the scalp. Proponents of hemp oil hair care products also claim that regular use can prevent premature hair loss and improve cognitive function — but, we are still waiting for some empirical evidence to prove this. Cbd hemp oil for sale

-Hemp Oil for the Diet

In addition to its many topical applications, hemp oil can also be enjoyed as a tasty part of a healthy diet. It is a perfect compliment to the vegetarian and vegan way of eating as it can provide the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that aren’t abundant in the produce section — hemp oil contains the perfect combination of these fatty acids. Cbd extract

It is also a spectacular flavor enhancer.

Omega-3, or alpha-linolenic acid, is most often found in fish oils and has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the levels of “bad” cholesterol, depression and arthritis are also remedied by this fatty acid. Cbd co2 oil

“Super” Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids is another feature of hemp oil. Although this is not an essential fatty acid, it has been found to improve skin conditions and prevent atopic dermatitis. The quantities of “super” polyunsaturated fatty acids will depend greatly on the quality of hemp oils being used.

Perhaps,the most important reason hemp oil is a ‘must-have’ item in any vegan pantry is the high quantity of protein it contains — over 25% of hemp oils is pure high-quality protein. This quality protein contains levels of amino acids similar to those found in eggs and meat, without the calories. Hemp oil buy online

The structure of proteins in hemp oils makes them very easily digested.

* IMPORTANT NOTE:  Hemp oils should never be heated. The heating process can denature the healthy unsaturated fats and change them into unhealthy saturated fats. It is a far healthier option to use hemp oil as a component of a salad dressing or check out the many other recipes for healthy hemp oils eating available online. Hemp oil for sale

Will Hemp Oil get you High?

No, not even if you are exceptionally susceptible to the effects of THC. For THC to be present in quantities high enough for effect, a special type of cannabis must be cultivated. This is not the sort of cannabis used to produce hemp oil.

As mentioned before the THC exists in the glands of the plant and not the seed itself, and it is the seed that is used for making hemp oil. Even though there may be trace elements of THC in certain brands of hemp oil it would be in quantities to small to affect anything or anyone. It is not possible to get high from hemp oil.

Possible Benefits of Hemp Oils


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