2016 Cannabist Awards: Here’s who won big in our salute to marijuana industry leaders

Well we didn’t win our Category “Hemp CBD” we congratulate all the winners in the industry! Keep up all the hard work to move this forward! A big thank you to whomever voted for us and our awesome clients for letting us know this was even going on and they voted!!


Via: http://www.thecannabist.co/2016/11/16/2016-cannabist-awards-winners-list-marijuana-industry/67637/

The second-annual Cannabist Awards were presented Wednesday night at a special event in Las Vegas, celebrating the brightest and most progressive names in the marijuana industry. Here’s a complete list of the winners:


Presented by Papa & Barkley

Presented by Source ColoradoHEMP

Hemp // CBD: Bluebird Botanicals
Hemp // Products: Dr. Bronner’s
Hemp // Lifestyle: Hemp History Week


Presented by O.penVape
Events // Business: NCIA Cannabis Business Summit
Events // Consumer: The 420 Games
Events // Medical: United Patients Group


Presented by Leafbuyer
Medical Advancements // Research Breakthrough: Ashley C. Bradford & W. David Bradford
Medical Advancements // Researcher: Lester Grinspoon
Medical Advancements // Products: Mary’s Medicinals
Medical Advancement // Pets: Treatibles


Presented by Wana Brands
Sustainability // Recycling: Sun Grown Packaging
Sustainability // Responsible Pest Management: OG Analytical
Sustainability // Packaging: Restalk


Presented by Good Chemistry
420-Friendly // Security: Blue Line Protection Group
420-Friendly // Legal: Vicente Sederberg LLC
420-Friendly // Finance/Tax: New Era CPAs, LLP
420-Friendly // Lawmaker: U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.


Presented by New Frontier Data
Education // Industry: The Trichome Institute
Education // Public: Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
Education // Consumption: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Good to Know campaign
Education // Academic: Oaksterdam University
Education // Author: Dr. David Casarett, “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medicinal Marijuana”


Presented by Tokken
Marketing // Corporate Culture: O.penVape
Marketing // Agencies: The Rosen Group PR
Marketing // Customer Experience: The Novel Tree
Marketing // Retail Branding: Harborside Health Center
Marketing // Retail Packaging: Stillwater

Presented by Emerald Fields

Community // Philanthropy: Bloom Farms
Community // Volunteerism: Bloom Farms
Community // Innovation: Denver Relief Consulting
Community // Activism: Marijuana Policy Project
Community // Protection: ACLU


Presented by DaVinci Vaporizers
Technology // Extraction: Evolab
Technology // Start-up: Grownetics
Technology // Incubator: Canopy Boulder
Technology // Vaporizer: Pax Era
Technology // App: Leafly
Technology // Lighting: Heliospectra LED
Technology // Irrigation: SmartBee Controllers
Technology // Nutrients: General Organics

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